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We review and present options to your lender that may stop foreclosure sale once you complete the contact form and submit it. The first hour of assistance is FREE.     We stop foreclosure  

Experience Counts When Dealing With Lenders

As a former National Director Of Housing Counseling, I must say that contacting lenders and loan servicers with workout plans can be difficult.  

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We never Propose Solutions That Do Not Work...That's why we need the following information.

  When discussing options for avoiding foreclosure, these are the documents required to present to your lender OR service company: 

  1. Pay stubs Hardship Letter – Explain your hardship situation and your resolution to bring your account current. 2. Tax Returns – Last two (2) filed tax returns with all schedules.
    3.   Paystubs – Last two (2) months (Dated within the last 30-60 days).
    4.   Alternate Income – Unemployment, Social Security, Disability, Death Benefits,
     Pension or Public Assistance Last two (2) months
    5.   Optional Income – Spousal and Child Support Payments (Last two (2) months  6.  Bank Statements – Complete with all pages, the last two (2) months must identify daily balances).
    7.  Monthly Household Expenses – List of all expenses you pay 8.  Property Liens – Proof/Status of any other liens on the property
    9.  Property Taxes and Insurance (Current or Unpaid)
    A.  Declaration Page – You must indicate current mortgage payment status.
    B.  Copy of any payment plans.    

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